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Marta Duran is the stuff of which painters are made.

She belongs to that particular group of artists who perfect

their style whilst advancing their knowledge of what they want to say. She wishes to be known for her painting but beforehand she wants to be sure, as much as possible, of what she is trying to express artistically and how she is going to do it….

Marta Duran has a strong spirit and she has begun to do the things of which we are afraid: she has entered into the inner temple of the forms. In doing this she has established the true dimension of a painter who is never staid; her work is constantly renewing itself and offers new features, as an artist who has her own criteria.

It’s no easy, I reiterate, to move forward in painting in the way Marta Duran does. Her ability to reproduce the more harmonious aspects of life could have driven her to rather easy and repetitive pictorial style. Alternatively, she could have left the whole learning process and jumped into the void of primary ideas which are mixed  with inexperienced feelings. But she has chosen a path that could appear to be straight forward that instead it is the most winding. This is because it requires the unification of hardly perceptible truths with her own reality. The suffering which is born out of his way of working is constant throughout the fulfilment of the work, but afterwards there is the joy of knowing that you have done everything that is possible. Then, with fresh doubts, uneasiness, a lack of confidence in the end result and the obstinate insistence-I will say it succinctly- that allows progression….

This Marta Duran exhibition in Mataró, her city, where she lives and works, is very important, as much for the painter as for all those who visit it. It has been prepared with a lot of enthusiasm and it marks a point of ascendency  in the course of this artist.                                                                               From now on there will be- that’s my opinion and what wish- a constant progression, with her logical breaks for reflection, in her artistic creation. She knows the direction she must follow and what she has left behind she will not return to. 


Josep Mª Cadena. 

Crític d’Art

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